Wednesday, September 28, 2016

John Adams Afternoon Commute

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Gender Neutral Tracksuits for Everybody...

Culture Creation and Manipulation, Alan Watt, ’Soft Power’ in Hollywood, Norman Lear Foundation, Predictive Programming, Cultural Marxism, Cultural Revolutionaries, Leon Trotsky, Change Agents, Game of Thrones, Political Symbolism, Donald Trump, The Clintons, Elizabeth Hurley, Gender Nuetral Fashions, Holidays, John Adams, Jesus and the Moneychangers, Romans 13, The Mayans.

Commute Music: Milestones by Miles Davis

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hoax Busters: The Ultimate Cure Every Disorder and Disease.

Hoax Busters: Conspiracy or just Theory? - Live & Recorded Episodes:

Call No. 460

"How many lies can you allow yourself to believe before you belong to the lie?" (Mort Sahl-Political Comedian), International Association of Mayors, Autism, Lobbyists, Legalized Corruption, Polititcal Theater,Definitions of things, Nuerodiversity, Homosexuality, Transgenders, the “Law”, Viruses, Swine Flu, regular Flu, Vaccines, How it Make Meth, Marijuana, Raw Milk, Coca Cola, Carrageenan, Fukushima, GMO’s, Food Additives, Superclass -Book by David Rothkopf, Hydrogenated Oil, Organic Food, Particle Accelerators, NASA, Artificial Intelligence, Skynet, Muslims, Freemasons, Radical Islam, FBI Infiltration, ISIS, White Supremacists, Tim McVeigh, Khammad and John on the Call.

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

First US Satellite Explorer 1

Jeff Quitney

Via: willard, Sean

Some of the dumbest looking b-movie level crap ever presented as real. -Chris

Friday, September 23, 2016

Apollo 17 Hoax - Biggest Joke of All Time

Your Truth


They Don’t Want an Autism Cure: Neurodiversity advocates argue that people with autism shouldn’t be forced to fit into society, but that society should change to include and accept them.

“If I can’t talk, does it make sense to look for a pill for that, or should my speech therapist help me learn how to type or sign instead? Is flapping my hands or intensely and obsessively loving something ‘weird’ or wanting to be by myself the psychological equivalent of diabetes, or is it a natural and beautiful part of human diversity?”...

"Just as homosexuality used to be seen as a disorder but is now accepted as part of the range of human diversity, a neurodiversity proponent sees the classifying of autism as a disorder as a socially intolerant mistake."...

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Could this be the key to the eradication of ALL disease? Simply reclassify all disease and disorder as normal and then celebrate it as part of the "diverse" tapestry of life. Brilliant!

Why More Companies Are Eager To Hire People With Autism

"Part of the allure of such programs, employers say, is the way they tap into a business solution. Autistic individuals’ strengths include the ability to find patterns and anomalies in data and to focus and perform high-quality repetitive work. Those attributes are valuable in roles in data analysis, IT, software design and multimedia."

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The Boston Unbombing: How And Why The Boston Marathon Bombing Was A Staged False Flag Event


Via: Rolf

Very good analysis, in case you haven't seen it.-Chris

The England Hypothesis: The Real Reason Behind the Autism Pandemic

"Tonight, I took four pictures as examples of this lining-up play. He organized toys and placed his pieces of cereal in a row. After I took the picture of him lining up his foam letters on the floor, he shoved his cloth blocks off the coffee table and moved the letters there, lining them up sideways. He has been doing the sideways pattern in the tub during the past week’s bath times, too."

"According to the England Hypothesis, vaccine injury-induced autism is an intentional chemical manipulation used to create millions of worker drones – sterile, docile, unable to question the conditions handed to them for their lives, content with boring, repetitive tasks, placid, disposable and interchangeable. In short, autists are the ‘deltas’ and ‘epsilons’ of the brave New World Order toward which we are being herded through intentional social, political and genetic manipulation consistent with the genocidal aspirations of the globalists and their horrifying Agenda 21."

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Are Vaccines Designed to Create Autism?


"China's main cities are already under siege. Kids munch Big Macs at over 130 McDonald's, content in the gaze not of Mao but "Good Uncle," a.k.a. Ronald McDonald. China's yuppies do the same at three Hard Rock Cafes, inundated by memorabilia and the music of once-banned Western rock idols. They dine at TGIF and eat dessert at TCBY. The former is an acronym for what would once have been an aberration in the Communist Party, Thank God It's Friday; the latter is a frozen yogurt franchise based in U.S. President Bill Clinton's stomping ground of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Soon residents of Boston and Beijing will have this in common: takeaway from Boston Chicken or Domino's Pizza. Chinese urbanites can already buy anything from stereo systems to snack foods at U.S. mega-stores Wal-Mart and Pricesmart (known in the U.S. as Price Club)."

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